This page is to link to local organisations with similar aims to ours, for for networking purposes

The UK LETS Agency: | LETSlink London:
| Links to LETS in all boroughs of London: Londonwide LETS

Voluntary Action Harrow:
| Harrow VCS Forum:

Environmental Groups: Harrow Friends of the Earth | Harrow Extinction Rebellion | Harrow Freecycle | WRAP - Watford Recycling and Arts Project - - any others?

- We have also been advised of the following Facebook Groups that we could potentially link with: Friends of Harrow Weald • Harrow Health Matters • Bernays Gardens Community Group (Stanmore) • Fixit Harrow • Harrow Parks • Harrow Woodcraft Folk • Harrow Young Musicians • Stanmore Business Services • Harrow School Enterprises • Friends of Headstone Manor Park

- please advise us of other possible additions, and any connections you have made.