Wanted Listings

Arts & Crafts

Clothes alterations and repairs My sewing is pretty basic and I struggle with my electric machine, so if you're good at making alterations and repairs to clothes, that's a skill I could use. (hourly rate 10 Harmonies)
Interior design

Building, Decorating & Repair

Fencing I'd welcome help/advice on replacement garden fencing
Painting and decorating Even if I can do some of this myself, I am very slow and it's always better to work alongside someone else if there's a big decorating job to do. (hourly rate 10 Harmonies)
Painting etc. small jobs
Wallpapering and decorating

Counselling, Therapy, Health

Alternative therapies
Osteopathy, aromatherapy

Food, Cooking, Catering

Food coop, home-made jams/beer/wines
Home brewing I am looking for someone to show me how to make home brew beer

Gardening & Plant Management

Garden minding
Garden plants and seeds My gardens could always do with some extra, different plants. So if you want to make space by getting rid of any nice perennials, or if you have any cuttings, seedlings or seeds to offload, I could be interested at, say, five Harmonies or so per plant/packet. (5 Harmonies)
Gardening, weeding and pruning

Household Management

DIY jobs
Help in learning practical skills eg: repairing things
Help with cleaning chores eg. cleaning hard-to-reach corners
Help with hanging curtains
Home maintenance and repairs Some DIY jobs around the home are just too much for me to tackle on my own, especially if they involve plumbing or electrics, for example, or appliances that I don't understand. I could often do with some help from someone who knows what they're doing. (hourly rate 10 Harmonies)
Household help Is anyone willing & able to do occasional or 1-off vacuuming in a 2-bed flat? I am no longer able to manoevre the vacuum. View from lounge will nourish your soul.

Music, Entertainment, Leisure

Piano lessons I was given a keyboard as a Christmas present and I would appreciate some guidance on learning to play the piano. I'm an absolute beginner with no prior experience apart from buying a book.

Personal Assistance

Assisted Short Walks Accompanied short walks with wheelie-walker; Some assistance needed on stairs; OK on level even ground.Picturesque area.I enjoy admiring the trees en route.


Dog/pet minding-sitting. Care of parrot for holidays


Car maintenance I'm useless at looking after my car. It's old and seems to work fine, but even checking the oil and tyre pressures seems like an awful chore to me. Would you be someone who could help me avoid rip off repair and maintenance charges at a garage? (hourly rate 10 Harmonies)
Lift to Events I'm no longer steady on my feet, so whenever an event is on, a lift would be appreciated.
Lifts to shops or station
Van collections There are times when I'd like to fetch something (for example from a Freecycler) and I can't because it would be too big to fit in my car. People with access to vans and flat-back trucks are very valuable! Is that you? (hourly rate 10 Harmonies)

Work for Harrow LETS

Promote Harrow LETS on notice boards We need to promote Harrow LETS in the community and one method could be to put flyers on notice boards in various locations. I have started by putting it on customer notice boards in supermarkets that I visit and I'd encourage everyone to consider doing it in your locations. You can find the A6 flyers here: https://www.harrowlets.org.uk/uploads/HarrowLETS-A6-flyers.pdf. Otherwise please feel free to contact me and I'll send the file to you via e-mail. Kind regards, David Rose ** Note: If you do put notices up in your area, please send me an e-mail just so I can keep a note of progress. Thanks!