Admin Work Checklist

LR: Add missing member phone email addresses, where known
MF: Add job descriptions of core members, and "how to" do tasks using the system.
LR: Liaise with LETS accountant (Paula Farrier) on reconciling balances and giving her access
MF: Agree with Linda rates of Harmonies for work we are doing
LR: Update "How it Works" and "Accessing Your Account" pages, for content and format?
LR: Sort list by postcode, and amend neighbourhoods, where appropriate
LR: Chase up members who have not yet logged on
MF: Update Harrow LETS contact on Harrow Neighbourhood Forum (Linda or Jane?)

MF: Restored links to Offers & Wants on the side-bar - 15/8/2015
MF: Sent briefing email to Linda - 13/8/2015
MF: Added temporary link to Offers & Wants on to Useful Pages - 13/8/2015
LR: Linda updated her Offers & Wants - 13/8/2015
MF: Restored missing pages (due to server error) - done 20/7/2015
MF: Sent briefing email to Linda - done 27/6/2015
MF: Updated - Rules Page - done 27/6/2015
MF: Added Jane Skelly's email address to Contact Us and Application Form - done 27/6/2015
MF: Sorted out password reset message, so that Linda's phone number is quoted - done 27/6/2015
LR: Linda sent message out to members with the next trading event - done 26/6/2015
MF: Follow up on enquiries where no account is listed on the system, cc Linda - done 26/5/2015
MF: Updated application form header with phone number, and forward to Linda - done 26/5/2015
MF: Check Linda has an account and make it admin level - done 25/5/2015
MF: Go through recent list of Offers sent from Linda and update on system - done 24/5/2015
MF: Restored Harrow LETS system - April 2015